JuliaReach Framework for analysis of dynamical systems
(organization page) (Watch on Youtube workshop presentation at JuliaCon 2021)
    LazySets.jl Library for convex-set calculus
    ReachabilityAnalysis.jl Library for reachability algorithms
    NeuralNetworkAnalysis.jl Analysis of closed-loop systems with neural-network controllers
HySynth Synthesis of hybrid-automaton models from time-series data
Into the Unknown Active monitoring of neural networks
Outside the Box Novelty detection for neural networks
Ultimate Program analysis framework, including an automata library
(web interface)
HyST Stateflow Converter Converter from hybrid-automaton model to Simulink/Stateflow
(now part of HyST)
AdaptiveMomentClosure Parameter identification for chemical reaction networks
Hydentify Parameter identification for multiaffine systems