JuliaReach Framework for analysis of dynamical systems
   (organization page)
    ReachabilityAnalysis.jl Library for reachability algorithms
    Reachability.jl Predecessor of ReachabilityAnalysis.jl
    LazySets.jl Library for convex-set calculus
    MathematicalSystems.jl Library for dynamical-system definitions
Outside the Box Novelty detection for neural networks
HySynth Synthesis of hybrid-automaton models from time-series data
Ultimate Program analysis framework, including an automata library
   (web interface)
HyST Stateflow Converter Converter from hybrid-automaton model to Simulink/Stateflow
(now part of HyST)
AdaptiveMomentClosure Parameter identification for chemical reaction networks
Hydentify Parameter identification for multiaffine systems